Neurasmus B.V.

Neurasmus B.V. is a research and development company that operates under the holding of Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam. The company is founded in April 2010 by enthusiastic members of the Department of Neuroscience. The mission of the company is to valorize already existing intellectual property on the Department of Neuroscience as well as the development of new high-tech systems that can be used as research tools or in treatment of neuroscience related disease.

In 2010 Neurasmus B.V. launched the first commercially available projects, ranging from completely automated tools for mouse behavioral phenotyping (Erasmusladder) to a high-tech mobile lab unit for patient visits during clinical trials (NeurasBus).

Since Neurasmus B.V. has access to all scientific data and intellectual property that exists on the Department of Neuroscience and currently contracts mechanical, software, and hardware experts as well, it is well equipped for rapid development from idea to prototype of complex systems. It has led a number of in-house projects and has been a valuable partner in FP7 and Horizon2020 EU research consortiums.

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