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Anatomy Dept. Management System

We are currently developing a system for managing the storage of bodies and donor registration for the anatomy department of ErasmusMC. The system includes smart advanced search, smart analytics and it’s cloud-ready.

The Database Management System (DMS) is a comprehensive software solution that handles the registration and management of donors, as well as the storage of bodies. This system comprises two distinct applications seamlessly linked through a shared database.

The first application is the TBS registratie application, which takes charge of the registration and management of donors. It provides a user-friendly interface for efficiently recording donor information and maintaining their records. This application ensures accurate and up-to-date data management, facilitating streamlined donor registration and monitoring.

The second application, the BSS registratie application, is specifically designed to oversee the storage of bodies. It enables efficient management of body storage facilities, ensuring proper organization and retrieval of bodies when needed. This application optimizes the storage process, allowing for seamless tracking and monitoring of bodies within the system.

Together, these two applications, working in conjunction with the shared database, create a robust and reliable database management system for the registration and storage management of donors and bodies. The DMS simplifies the overall process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in donor registration and body storage, thus facilitating effective management of these vital aspects.

Currently the TBS registratie system is deployed and used by the Erasmus Anatomie Department