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EuroEXA targets to provide the template for an upcoming exascale system by co-designing and implementing a petascale-level prototype with ground-breaking characteristics. To accomplish this, the project takes a holistic approach to innovating both across the technology and the application/system software pillars. EuroEXA proposes a balanced architecture for compute and data-intensive applications, that builds on top of cost-efficient, modular-integration enabled by novel inter-die links, utilises a novel processing unit and embraces FPGA acceleration for computational, networking and storage operations.

EuroEXA hardware designers work together with system software experts optimising the entire stack from language runtimes to low-level kernel drivers, and application developers that bring in a rich mix of key HPC applications from across climate/weather, physical/energy and life-science/bioinformatics domains to enable efficient system co-design and maximise the impact of the project.

Neurasmus joins the consortium as a bioinformatics application provider, providing neuroinformatics applications related to the BrainFrame theme.

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