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About Us

Neurasmus B.V. is a dynamic research and development company operating under the prestigious Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. Established in April 2010 by passionate members of the Department of Neuroscience, our mission is twofold: to unlock the potential of existing intellectual property within the Department and to pioneer the creation of cutting-edge high-tech systems for research purposes and the treatment of neuroscience-related diseases.

With a rich foundation of scientific data and intellectual property at our disposal, as well as a dedicated team of mechanical, software, and hardware experts, Neurasmus B.V. possesses the expertise and resources for rapid and efficient development, turning innovative ideas into functional prototypes for complex systems. Our track record includes successfully launching our first commercial projects in 2010, which encompass a range of groundbreaking solutions such as the Erasmusladder, a fully automated tool for mouse behavioral phenotyping, and the NeurasBus, a state-of-the-art mobile lab unit designed for patient visits during clinical trials.

Beyond our in-house projects, we have also been a trusted partner in various FP7 and Horizon2020 EU research consortiums, collaborating with leading institutions and driving advancements in the field of neuroscience. This network allows us to stay at the forefront of scientific progress and leverage the latest technological developments.

Neurasmus B.V. represents a unique synergy of scientific knowledge, intellectual property, and technical expertise, making us a valuable ally for advancing research, innovation, and the quest for improved treatments in neuroscience.

We are driven by values

Excellence: We are driven by a commitment to excellence in all aspects of our work. As a dynamic research and development company operating within the esteemed Erasmus Medical Center, we consistently deliver exceptional quality, innovation, and scientific rigour.

Impact: Our primary objective is to create a positive impact on research, innovation, and the pursuit of improved treatments in neuroscience. We actively contribute to advancing the field and enhancing the well-being of patients and society as a whole.

Continuous Learning: We prioritize continuous learning and staying at the forefront of scientific progress. By embracing the latest technological advancements and harnessing our network of scientific collaborators, we ensure that our work remains cutting-edge.

Prof.Dr. Chris de Zeeuw

Assoc.Prof. Bas Koekkoek

Assoc.Prof. Christos Strydis

Dr. Harry Sidiropoulos

Ph.D. cand. Siyang Yu